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Dreamztech founded in 2009. Our web design and development business had been in the web design & web development industry for more than 10 years. We have served more than 3000 customers in the past 10 years and our team now is strategically located across Malaysia. Our web design services are not only helping customers to have a website but also helping them to build a sustainable business model online with long-term meaningful relationships.

Each customer project will be allocated with 1 team of professional designer, developer, as well as consultant along with the project development. Even after the project handover, the group will be dedicated to the customer as well for all the technical and consultation needed throughout the whole life of the project.


Connect every business to internet


To grow talents in web design & web technology


To Grow Talents

Dreamztech actively participated in web development & web design internship programs, new startup accelerator programs, web programmer training programs as well as web designer training programs.

Our daily mission is to make sure our web design & web development experience and knowledge is passed down to our successors and bring benefits to the economic growth and all the entrepreneurs that are doing digital transformation or bringing their business to web.

Our Leadership Team

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We had already established different partners in our eco system to fit your different needs of online business. With all the experience and expertise we have in the web design & web development industry, Dreamztech has gained various partners in different specializations.